e-Relationship: Personal, Boutique Agency Approach,Full-Service Agency Pricing

With e-Relationship, Home Offices have direct contact with the knowledge experts and specialists dedicated to their brand – as well as direct oversight and interactions with people working on their specific marketing campaigns. Fortune 500 firms will have direct access to the President of our company. Yet we don’t have offices in 5 countries and overhead exceeding the national product of some small nations.   

Most importantly, e-Relationship is extensively familiar with the financial services industry. We focus our resources on the Home Office’s specific initiatives. Our experts continually innovate newer, more creative ways of getting things done specifically for you.  


Another key advantage of working with e-Relationship is the overall flow of information and communication. We don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach to your business. We have the flexibility to work with you to achieve unique, customized goals.   


There is no “red tape” at e-Relationship. We don’t need to navigate company policies to serve you. Rather, we can make meaningful decisions on the fly and offer you dynamic solutions throughout our relationship with you. We can quickly and continually adapt to your changing needs and requirements.  


Larger firms will usually deploy the same strategies and methods with each client. E-Relationship can easily brainstorm strategic, creative new ideas for and with you. We bring a fresh perspective and we explore new ways to build your brand presence.  


Communication flow will be efficient because we are genuinely invested in your success. We are not in it only for the money … we are interested in working with you because meaningful relationships are vital to our sustainable business growth.  


When it comes to bringing clients through a financial advisor’s door, no other digital marketing platform comes close to the results e-Relationship produces. (In 43% higher commissions compared to non-subscribers to be exact.)  

Thousands of advisors – even those who also get a “free” service from their Home Office, have kept, or are going back to e-Relationship.  


e-Relationship is #1 at generating high quality leads and prompting responses that turn into appointments. Yet our subscription prices have remained less than half of our competitors. How? We never tried to be everything to everyone. Many “financial marketing firms” who dabble in dozens of segments have created gadgetry that certainly looks impressive but has nothing to do with actually selling financial products. If you become a bank or commodities trading firm, certainly go for all the bells and whistles — but we don’t believe in billing you for over-the-top overhead like AI development and banking software you aren’t going to use for financial advisors. E-Relationship chose to develop and continually improve a tool that is easy to use, deftly generates hot leads and prompts winning responses for financial services sales.  

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