The Power of Appreciation Means a 50% Off “Thank You”!

In addition to quotes such as, “Take time to be kind and to say thank you.” Zig Ziglar once said, “The more you recognize and express gratitude for the things you have, the more things you will have to express gratitude for.” 

Robert Krumroy CLU, ChFC, who is also an award-winning salesman, author, and speaker, takes this last idea a step further: “Digital marketing is crucial, but it isn’t enough. Every super-achiever in the financial services industry seems to have an uncanny ‘knack’ for getting in to see almost anyone they set their mind to approach. But it isn’t training or charisma- heck, they don’t even work harder. The reason centers on a strategic action plan — one that consistently and routinely gives personal and preferential treatment to individual prospects and clients. These are basic acts of gratitude shown in a unique way that define these advisors as different and more appealing than the look-alike advisors in their market. The result is called Social Capital … and it matters!”

These advisors aren’t just a few oddball idealists. Krumroy’s experience and research validate that there is an important pattern wherein all top advisors follow some form of this strategy. In addition to the recipe-for-success developed during his own storied and star-studded career as a financial services advisor and firm manager, the hundreds of top MDRT advisors Krumroy studied, have all developed consistent prospect and client relationship-building strategies that create a reputation and an appreciation that is far superior to all competitors in their market. 

He confirmed that, while technology has changed the way we interact with our prospects, clients, and colleagues — human relationships are much, much more important than tech firms care to admit. 

I’m not saying tech isn’t highly important! The digital marketing tools and technology we love for the ease and speed with which we do business inside and outside of the office are crucial! I’m simply saying that these tools only work well when we use them to communicate properly and add live human touchpoints to our sales approach. 

Let’s take a look at why this is true … If you’re like me, you probably like to think that you make decisions based on logic and reason. But every decision we make has an element of emotion. It’s been scientifically proven. You can check out The Role of Emotion in Decision-Making, by M Garcia-Garcia · 2020 further here1, but a bit of it reads as follows: “Research has shown that emotions have great influence on multiple cognitive processes. These include attention, perception, memory encoding (encoding, storage and retrieval of information, and associative learning). Remarkably, emotion is key for the activation of a motivational system of action tendencies (such as approach or withdrawal behaviors). In fact, the word emotion comes from Latin ‘emovere’, which means to stir up or to move. The origin of the word emotion already emphasizes its actionability and relevance in behavioral drive. Therefore, exploring the role of emotion in decision making is crucial …” So, physiologically, we literally cannot help what we think and feel about the options we have when we are making a decision. 

It stands to reason then, that when persuading a prospect or client to purchase something, it is essential to first appeal to their primal self-interest. Being valued, connected, and appreciated is a deep human need we all share. Showing someone you appreciate them creates contagious positive energy. And when an average of 58% of the deals in any pipeline will stall (according to Salesforce2) — this optimistic force shouldn’t be taken for granted. Appealing to this desire to be valued isn’t some form of trickery on your part — it simply means developing your skills for uniquely showing gratitude.

In 6 Ways Sales Can Use Sales Enablement to Impact the Bottom Line Shelly Cernel, of KnowledgeTree, put it this way, “Further, 58% of pipeline stalls because reps are unable to add value, emphasizing how important it is for them to be able to find and share the right content at the right time. After all, sales teams that challenge and engage prospects are twice as likely to hit quota.” 2 

So … why not broaden the definition of content? Traditionally, it means subject matter delivered digitally; information contained in the blog and social media posts, whitepapers, videos, emails, etc… 

But some incredibly smart and successful advisors have gone “old school,” adding the personal delivery of actual physical content to specifically targeted prospects and clients, as a key element in their marketing content. In fact, they say these deliveries are essential to the overall effectiveness of their sales and digital marketing strategy.  

Sixteen such truly exceptional super-producers share their winning approaches in the book, Social Capital Matters!  Although their narratives and talents may differ, the common thread is that each of these advisors built remarkable market positioning. They’ve achieved their success not through an occasional marketing initiative, but by intentionally creating a steady stream of “get noticed” annual events that demonstrate market separation.

These consistent, easy, and inexpensive strategies generate immense likability, with targeted contacts seeing these advisors as highly approachable, trustworthy, and knowledgeable … much more so than their competition. Most importantly, the advisors’ clients and prospects saw them as relevant and having “a warm heart” — which are the most powerful, unique components of “Social Capital.” 

Here is just one example:

“St. Patrick’s Day is one of my “Get Noticed Days.” Every advisor should have at least two every year. So, pick another idea to complement this one and your strategy will be a home run. 

I go to my local grocery store first thing in the morning and purchase 100 green carnations. Almost any grocery store will have them, but you may want to check the day before to get the quantity you need. I have already identified my top 25 clients, and I am now headed to deliver a St. Patrick’s Day card along with a single green carnation in a bud vase. (Simple, elegant, and inexpensive versions can easily be found at the Dollar Tree and Amazon.) 

I take extra carnations, not in bud vases, to give to every person who is nearby when I enter the office. I also give St. Patrick’s Day buttons that they can wear. I always wear a green hat and make it a big deal, telling my client that I am here to wish him or her an Irish Blessing. As corny as it sounds, it is tremendously effective. 

My biggest fear is that if I don’t do it some year, I am going to get a call asking where their green carnation is. They love that I reach out to them in special ways throughout the year. It is unusual and memorable.”

The book beautifully illustrates three components for building social capital. A Social Capital strategy must be:

• Remarkably Interactive

• Exceptionally Surprising

• Convey a “Warm Heart”

Each chapter highlights a successful advisor who has a specific strategy that builds Social Capital with prospects and clients. Each one may have a different narrative, but all of them know that Social Capital creates personal gratitude … and personal gratitude always reciprocates.

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Is there anything sweeter than feeling like we contribute unique value to others? Often, we don’t feel valued until someone takes the time to appreciate us and we have concrete validation that what we do and who we are, does matter. These are incredibly cost-effective, easy-to-execute strategies that make both you and your prospect or client feel great! What could be better?

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