3 Keys to Your Most Powerful 2022 Financial Advisor Marketing Plan

Every client and potential client are important to you, but do they know that?

You could utilize the most expensive financial advisor marketing tool on the market … you may employ a financial advisor marketing plan that gets rave reviews from marketing gurus … but let’s be honest — how often do you reach out to your database with no response whatsoever? Conversely, how many times a month do you receive qualified leads from your marketing efforts that you can convert into sales?

Influencing the behavior of clients and prospects only happens when your message resonates. A stellar CTR (Clickthrough Rate) can still miss the mark when it comes to compelling your target to actually do anything consequential. Content must engage your audience in a meaningful way. Otherwise, the fanciest financial advisor marketing strategy in the world is quite like a Bentley Bacalar with no motor … lovely, expensive, a stunning array of bells and whistles – but getting you absolutely nowhere.

So, what in the wide world of digital marketing — does a financial advisor do to be proactive, and ready his or her strategy for 2022? Let’s look at 3 of the latest digital insights for 2022.

  1. Build a Vast Library of Compelling Marketing Content — Especially Video

Marketing content comes in many forms: video to social, email, web copy, newsletters, articles, whitepapers, event invitations …The list for your personal brand can be as robust as you choose to make it. And the truth is, a mammoth amount of content floats about online daily, a tiny fraction of which is skimmed, much less read with intent.

People buy from those they know, like, and trust. And the average financial services consumer expects you to reach out to them at least 7 times before they think about trusting you. Think about that.

Creating the kind of brand awareness that actually converts leads into sales, means building a “living” digital marketing strategy … one that encompasses a variety of inviting touchpoints you personally deliver to your database multiple (12+) times annually. (Personally delivered – meaning it does not have “powered by” messaging.)

Why do we say “especially video” when we talk about marketing content? Because clients and prospects LOVE videos! In fact, 8 out of 10 people have purchased after watching a marketing video. For marketers, 93% who use video say it’s an important part of their strategy and 87% report it gives them a positive ROI according to The State of Video Marketing research. 

2.     Understand Design Thinking & Planning

“Design Thinking” refers to a way of approaching problems from the user’s perspective. Basically, it means solving large-scale complex technological problems in a manner that is intuitive to humans.

According to The Interaction Design Foundation, there are 5 key phases to this process: empathize, define, ideate, prototype, and test. Your financial services buyer is smart, savvy, and they are used to getting their online needs met immediately.  Obviously, this means that while developing and executing your own modern digital marketing strategy, user experience testing should be an important part of your process.

  • Be Data Savvy

As an advisor, you can easily scan a spreadsheet, “read” the data and know immediately how to best assist your client. The thought of “reading” marketing data however, even something as crucial as campaign response rates or lead generation stats, may give you an immediate migraine. But you know this information will help you make informed decisions and improve all your future marketing plans moving forward — so, what do you do — hire a marketing specialist?

In a way — yes. With e-Relationship, all of the skills you need to master, the technical and design information you need to absorb, all of the compliance-approved content you need for your business to thrive and increase revenue in 2022 — is all at your fingertips.

E-Relationship provides a simple, affordable way to check all these boxes and more. Chiefly the most proven, powerful array of content modules specifically designed for the financial services market.  e-Videos and e-Storyboards (patented, super email-friendly slideshow content that works much like a video) result in 25% of your database responding back to you annually!  No other digital marketing platform can touch e-Relationship when it comes to building your brand, increasing revenue and overall ROI (Return On Investment). 

Creating the highest quality, most successful digital marketing strategy for your business is incredibly easy. As “Your 24/7 Digital Marketing Assistant” e-Relationship creates an amazing marketing strategy to work for your personal brand. We keep up with your marketing data, show you how to create stellar campaigns, and our live customer service representatives walk you through every step and even import your contacts for you!

Check out our demo video: https://www.e-relationship.com/demo

Give us a call at 1-800-851-8169 and let’s get started today!

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