Why New Tech Is the Best Bet for a Dynamite Database

Whether you have a few organized spreadsheets, a drawer full of business cards, or you’ve been using a CRM tool like Salesforce, you likely have contacts stored in different places. Intuitively, you know that consolidating your contact information to a digital marketing platform is key to increasing your revenue in 2021, so, what’s holding you back? Why postpone a few simple steps to ‘get your drip marketing act together’?

It may make you feel better to learn that you are not alone.  “Database dilly-dally” is the most procrastination-prone task advisors address.  But this is precisely why a group of financial advisors asked themselves a few difficult questions regarding the growth of their databases and thus, revenue:

  • Where are we now?
  • Where do we want to go?
  • What’s in the way?

These advisors took a good look at the type of marketing system they really needed and wanted. They required one that worked like gangbusters, obviously!  They also looked at certain obstacles directly, like adding contacts to their database. They knew that no matter how wonderfully a marketing system performed, when advisors stop adding new contacts to the database, it goes stale, and results dwindle. Period. So, these advisors knew that if they could build a stellar digital marketing platform and make contact-adding a no-brainer, the system would be a mammoth success.

And that’s exactly what they did! Financial advisors created a digital marketing system JUST for financial advisors and called it e-Relationship. Why? Because it builds trust, likability and generates appointments…it builds relationships between advisors and their prospective clients and continues building stronger relationships between advisors and existing clients. And in addition to phenomenal 5-10% response rates, the creators of e-Relationship added smart tech tools and coaching to make contact-adding a piece of cake:

A mobile app with business card scanning

Seamless Integration with Redtail, Gmail, Salesforce, SmartOffice, Yahoo, Office365, and others.

The e-Relationship Contact Grabber with both auto sync and manual options. You can easily build your address book from contacts you already have with just one click of a button. It works just like Office 365 or Gmail, only they boosted it to upload names from emails sent in the last 30 days.

An Onboarding and Marketing Coach to help new agents and anyone who wants assistance in scheduling campaigns.

Free, Unmatched Customer Service Support: live phone calls and email, plus a vast library of helpful resources including how-to videos, tested sales scripts and branding event ideas that prove successful time after time. Materials even explain the psychology behind their success!

Free Semi-Weekly Training and Hands-on Training Twice a Week.

You are a capable, confident, and talented advisor — you’re just super busy! Let e-Relationship build your reputation and help you place all those contacts in your database! It starts today with a simple phone call: 1-800-851-8169.

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