Shore Up Your Digital Marketing To Capitalize On Sales Opportunities In 2021

Although consumers have become more comfortable shopping for insurance online, your role as an agent is actually growing.

Life insurance buyers need more guidance than ever before as they explore the mountain of information available to them. They need a Sherpa with the instincts, experience, and tools to help guide them toward making informed decisions. Yet guidance can be hard to come by: Only four out of 10 policyholders received a call from their agent during the pandemic, according to news from a recent J.D. Power study.

You can benefit from the heightened consumer interest in the market by leveraging data and technology to better understand your clients’ and prospects’ needs. For instance, with e-Relationship, more than 16 automated annual digital marketing connections deliver your professional reputation via three types of emails. Our e-Storyboards, e-Checklists and Pre-Approach e-Videos are proven to drive responses to your inbox. And the best part, especially when so many are working from home and juggling several tasks at once, is that e-Relationship sends all these emails for you. All you have to do is add email addresses.

The simple task of putting contacts into your sales funnel is proven to achieve significant results. Import (or have an e-Relationship Customer Service import) your contacts directly into your e-Relationship database. E-Relationship’s History and Responses Module even reveals a hot list of names with timely and relevant reasons to call.

Simply click the Tracking and Responses module to see:
• Who was sent specific emails
• Who looked at the email and when
• How many times they reviewed it
• Whether they requested information
• A printable responders “hot list” report to quickly call back clients and prospects

Think your clients will remain loyal regardless of whether you continually keep in touch? Consider the findings from a recent research study on the impact that comparison shopping has on application activity and policy issuance:

  • 1 in 3 consumers shopped on a comparison-shopping site in the year leading up to applying for life insurance.
  • 57% of consumers witnessed were on a comparison-shopping site the same day they applied.
  • Consumers witnessed on comparison shopping sites before applying completed their purchase 68% more often than those who were not seen comparison shopping.

If no two consumers are alike, it stands to reason that their journeys and buying experiences will also be different. You need a flexible digital marketing system that drips a wide variety of content to them without describing, mentioning, or recommending a certain product — yet informs and encourages them toward responding for more specific information from you. Does e-Relationship create a unique and memorable experience for the consumer? Yes — and e-Relationship exceeds a 20% yearly response rate! Call us or view our free demo today for the sales advantage you’re seeking in 2021.

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