Brand “You”: How Your Story Sets You Apart

Prospects know you “sell” financial products, but do they fully understand everything you can do for them? Do they know why they should choose you? Do they understand why they need you? Do they truly know the importance of planning for the future, now?

You have a story to tell. Even if you are new to the industry, you can educate your market regarding who you are, how your services are uniquely superior, and what makes you the optimum choice to meet client needs.

Your story is your brand — and you communicate your brand in everything you do. Every e-Newsletter, every e-Card you send … every community event you sponsor or in which you participate — all validate your expertise and say you care about more than just the sale. Your image sends the message that you are invested in helping your community thrive.

When you pair Brand “You” with a digital marketing tool such as e-Relationship, you give your marketing professional clarity by using a wide variety of pre-scheduled and targeted content. Rather than blasting the same messages to your entire database, you build trust and likability by sending specially tailored messages to particular people. You can place prospects and clients into different funnels and run different campaigns based on age, business interests, and other targeted qualities.

The genius of e-Relationship is the ability to simultaneously educate prospects, welcome new customers and promote new products without ever mentioning a particular product. For a taste of how this works, take a peek at the magic of e-Relationship’s e-Storyboards and e-Videos.

Over 75 e-Storyboards and e-Videos draw attention to potential problems that arise when certain financial issues are ignored — such as inadequate retirement planning — and trigger the “raise-your-hand” response you dream of. They don’t describe, recommend, or even mention a certain product. They inform and encourage the reader to respond for more specific information via the click of a ”request” button. You are notified in real time with the responder’s name and phone number via email and text. This immediacy increases both the responder’s satisfaction and your appointment rate.

E-Relationship is the most relevant and popular digital marketing tool in the financial services industry because it exceeds a 20% yearly response rate and it feels more personalized to your clients and prospects.

Doesn’t Brand “You” deserve a global fintech leader with cutting-edge solutions to enrich client engagement? It’s a simple and easily affordable way to optimize efficiency and generate revenue while you to focus on your core business activities. Check out our free demo.

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