5 Leadership Skills for Small Business Success

Leading a small business is an art. Excelling at money management, sales, and timelines – all with professionalism and tireless devotion to your company and your employees – is not easy. But achieving concrete, forward-thinking leadership goals can help you guide your business toward a successful future.

Intelligence, adaptability, and assertiveness are typically important traits for successful modern leadership – while empowering and developing the leadership skills of employees may be a key to growth and continued success. The following ideas may help to take your organization to a new level:

1) Motivate
Incentives are a powerful way to motivate employees to be more productive. Consider both monetary and non-monetary rewards for achieving your goals and increasing company revenue.

2) Communicate
Whether communicating by phone call, text, email or video/virtual meeting, clarity is paramount. Set a good example when communicating with employees: Make sure everyone knows whom to contact in case of emergency. When managing projects, ask questions, summarize key points, and confirm that everyone is on the same page before moving to the next item.

3) Listen with an Open Mind
Don’t let a closed mind close the door to new opportunities. Listen with genuine curiosity to different ideas and opposing opinions. Look at them as gifts that can challenge you, stretch you, and develop your skills.

4) Place Empathy Above Ego
Good leaders know how to set ego aside and display empathy, authenticity and transparency. Overly egotistical leaders, such as those who fail to get employees’ ideas and input, bring resentment and contempt upon themselves, while empathy wins respect.

5) Show Your Passion
Passionate leaders show their enthusiasm for the company every day and regularly express appreciation for employee contributions.

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