Why List Segmentation Is Your Secret Digital Marketing Weapon

Studies show* that segmenting your emails can achieve 14.31% higher open rates AND earn 100.95% higher click through rates as compared to non-segmented email campaigns. It can even lead to fewer spam complaints.


All your clients and prospects are not the same. Each group has different needs, tastes, habits, desires, and motivations.

So, why not take a personalized digital marketing approach? Here are a few strategies to get you started.

Demographic Data

Demographic data includes basic characteristics such as gender, age, location, job, salary, and so forth. These basics should be at the core of your segmentation strategy.

Client Purchase-Dates and ‘Contact-Added’ Dates for Prospects

Prospects and clients will be at differing points in their sales cycles at any given time. Some are repeat customers; others haven’t even made up their minds to purchase from you. Adjust your messages accordingly. Add new contact information as soon as you get it. These people are not as familiar with your product or services as long-time customers, and the sooner you educate them the better.

By the same token, you can both reward and up-sell your clients. E-Relationship offers books full of proven ideas that build Social Capital. (Vanya- a link to the book, etc could go here) Things like the delivery of a pumpkin pie to your top 10 clients just before Thanksgiving can strengthen client loyalty and produce more client-referrals.

*Remember, stats tell us that employing proper targeting can drive 3x the revenue per email as compared to broadcasting. Pair that with data* showing consumers check personal email for an average of 2.5 hours each weekday while at work — and you’ll likely find the master formula for digital marketing success!

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