Why Marketing Automation Is Key To Financial Sales

Marketing automation is the use of software tools to refine the marketing workflow. These tools automate repetitive tasks like physically sending out emails, scheduling future emails and measuring the effectiveness of your email campaigns.  This can greatly increase your operational efficiency and help grow your revenue. But why is this the case? It’s a simple case of ROI , or return on investment.

Marketing automation saves valuable time because you and your team are spending less time on repetitive tasks and focusing more on calling the ‘hot lead’ prospects and clients your automated software alerted you have just responded to your message.  This ‘raise your hand’ response from clients and prospects can also improve client engagement, client communication, and your up-selling opportunities.

You may not need a software tool designed for an XXXL contact list of 1 million. Nor would you likely choose to pay for such support. But every firm, regardless of size, requires efficiency. Thankfully, there is a powerful solution designed for small-to-large financial services firms just like yours. E-Relationship provides immense bang for your buck… In fact, you get the #1 compliance-approved digital marketing software in the industry for a mere fraction the other companies charge. And all with no long -term contracts. 

These days, your clients and potential clients expect you to reach out to them swiftly and expertly. The moment you receive a prospect’s contact information, the clock begins ticking. They expect an email from you and setting this up automatically is a no-brainer.

Prospects and clients also demand that you to keep them engaged. You have to nurture the lead… It’s your job to hold their hand from one stage of their buying journey to the next. When you neglect to do this, you do so understanding that your competitors are one Google search away.

As a manager or advisor, evaluate the efficiency of your investment in a automated digital marketing tool as the ratio between net profit (not to mention time saved ) versus the actual monthly subscription. The advisor who engages best with clients and contacts clearly wins over and over again.

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