Building Emotional Trust With Prospects

Why do only 15% of Prospects Say YES to an Appointment the 1st Time You Ask?
The other 85% need to feel — that more than merely good, you are unique and worthy of their trust.

Psychologists tell us this requires 12-15 encounters with ‘brand you’. And we know this is especially true in the financial services industry.

Can you afford to keep paying for lunches, sending flyers and making repeat calls to the same people over and over and over? No way- but there is a solution!

Check out how e-Relationship’s 18 email modules work at

It’s a tried-and-true method proven to increase revenue by 43% and all you have to do is add contacts to your database. The system is automatic and works with ANY CRM- you can easily import from LinkedIn, Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, Redtail, Salesforce, etc.

It’s extremely cost-effective too subscribers say the responses garnered from the first few emails pay for the system for the whole year! Call them today and you’ll thank me tomorrow. 1-800-851-8169 Promise!

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