People Appreciate Your Appreciation

If people buy from people they like and always remember the way you’ve made them feel —it’s crucial to show prospects and clients how much you appreciate them. But what’s the easiest way to do this? There are only so many hours in an advisor’s day — how do you make every client feel special – all while moving prospects up the “Appointment Ladder” from “Knows My Name” to “Bought a Policy & Considers Me a Friend?”

EASY! e-Relationship is built on this precise value proposition! Our advisors-turned-marketers created 14 totally unique types of genius emails that automatically reach out to prospects and clients annually! [Use our default dates, or choose your own schedule.]

Saying “Thank You” for a referral [you’re sure to LOVE our e-Referral module — “Happy Groundhog Day”, Happy Independence Day” along with hundreds of other messages, all have the power to completely change the other person’s mood for the better. It just makes sense that e-Relationship’s helpful, inviting messages establish and strengthen friendships, even influence and create loyalty.

But e-Relationship jumps 12 steps further than e-Cards and e-Inspirational Messages. Each module works to build your reputation through Validation, Likability and Trust — continually keeping fresh appointments coming your way! In fact, e-RELATIONSHIP USERS EARN, ON AVERAGE, 75% MORE PC’s* THAN NON e-RELATIONSHIP USERS – as shown in a 2012 Advisors Sales Survey. Why? Check out our samples now at:

Staying connected through e-Relationship is proven to make you one of the most beloved advisors in your market. On the other hand, missing this key ingredient and forgetting to reach out and touch clients and prospects leaves these buyers feeling taken for granted and unappreciated. You can easily see the damage this can do to client devotion and the building of future bonds.

It’s SO easy to type in a single contact or import 1000’s from any CRM, Excel, Yahoo, Gmail, Facebook, etc. account. Import them yourself or have our Customer Service team do it for you! Personalized emails are 6 times more likely to get opened than non-personalized emails, and our patented, compliance-approved content employs psychological triggers to gain responses. So, if you aren’t already using e-Relationship — how much revenue are you losing? Call us now at 1800-851-8169 and we’ll hit the ground running to get your account started today!

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