Crank Up Your Connections & Kiss Cold Calls Goodbye

When you ‘cold call’ prospects, not only have you interrupted their day — but they have no unique knowledge of you, as compared to the “other” guy they may know in the industry.
By maintaining connection 15 times a year though — you build emotional safety, business preference and market separation. But how? On a Budget?

Created by Agents, for Agents, e-Relationship provides prospects with information about what you do in a friendly, economical manner through a variety of 12 truly inviting email modules. Not only do our e-Cards offer animation and music, but our e-Inspirational Messages, e-Checklists, e-Referrals, e-Newsletters, NEW Business e-Newsletters and more — provide a continuous stream of reasons to remember you in a unique, positive light.

But always the over-achievers, we go waaaay beyond this! Our patented e-Storyboards and One Minute Pre-Approach e-Videos for instance, draw attention to potential problems that arise when certain financial issues are ignored — such as inadequate retirement planning — and actually trigger the raise-your-hand responses you dream of! When the prospect responds, you are notified in real-time so you can call your hot lead immediately.

Need more solid prospects? We’ll cover that in out next post! Or simply give us a call at 1-800-851-8169 and we’ll be happy to tell you in person! Better yet, visit us here to get started with e-Relationship now!

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