Proven 4th QTR Idea DEFINITELY Worth The Small Effort

Every successful marketing idea relies upon standing out from the crowd. 

All the better when you achieve this without going to great expense.

And when you increase the value of your human connections — IS there any better way to do business?

The appreciation you show clients with the personalized, simple gesture of gratitude— delivering a pumpkin pie — will be repaid in more ways than you can likely imagine. Why? Because the idea is unique, unexpected, uncheesey and unbusinessy. 

Robert Krumroy, the founder of our company started delivering pumpkin pies to clients many years ago when he was getting started as a Financial Advisor. When a few people called to thank him for thinking of them in a way no other business contact ever had — he knew he was on to something. The business generated from this gesture, grew each year and these particular clients also increasingly gave him the high compliment of referring their friends, relatives, co-workers, and even their corporate clients.

This idea also works for most any entrepreneur and enterprise, so don’t dismiss it before you learn how one of many e-Relationship clients now goes about implementing Bob’s “Pumpkin Pie Guy” idea:

“Every year, two days before Thanksgiving, I deliver pumpkin pies to my top 24 clients. The pies cost me about $10 each. When I started this, it was my way of doing something that I hoped would be different and appreciated. The results have been way beyond my expectations. 

My clients are tremendously appreciative and the extra business I get is fabulous. I love my reputation that has evolved. I often hear from referrals that they were told, “Jim is the Pumpkin Pie Guy.” When I hear that, I know the sale is guaranteed!”

This is just one of 18 PROVEN ideas in Robert Krumroy’s book ‘Social Capital Matters A Step Beyond digital Marketing’ — strategies MDRT advisors are using to market their own personal brand. 

They are easy and affordable to employ on ANY budget — and pair perfectly with e-Relationship’s 14 powerful marketing modules, each chock-full of engaging, ready-to-send compliance-approved content.

Sign up now — there’s no long term contract!

Let’s say you were going to snailmail Thanksgiving and Holiday cards to 750 clients and prospects – it would cost you $600. Why not send up to 70000 colorful, animated e-Cards through e-Relationship that show your personal info and photo for around $120 (Financial Professional Edition) $200 (Recruiting/ Manager Edition)? That’s right! Call 1-800-851-8169 now or email and tell him you want “The Pumpkin Pie Special” and we’ll wave the $99 Activation fee!

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