$olutions: Relationship “Get Noticed” Marketing for Advisors = Exceptional Production

As a marketer for the Financial Services industry, I’m often asked,

“What REALLY works? I mean seriously, what can I count on to hit REAL production milestones, not just a bunch of ambiguous goals set up by a corporate head who hasn’t been in the field in years?”

I hear you! Today’s consumer is skeptical — especially of financial products and the motives and expertise of those in the industry. You’ll have to admit, ne’er-do-wells like Bernie Madoff didn’t exactly help our cause. Consumers want to know, like and trust you before they buy. So how do you use marketing to create this relationship and achieve Trusted Advisor status? You need a Relationship “Get Noticed” Marketing strategy.

By definition, Relationship Marketing is designed to transcend the typical purchase-exchange process by making richer, more personalized contact between buyer and seller. The goal is to use the experience to foster long-term engagement and customer loyalty. Stronger ties are built with customers by providing them with information directly suited to their needs and interests.

But in this age of targeted email campaigns based on mined online browser and purchase data, you may have been told Relationship Marketing is dead. Certainly not!  It’s simply advanced — let’s look at the facts.

As a discipline, Relationship Marketing has simply evolved like most business functions to use the latest internet technology and adapt to the way customers make purchase decisions. It would be great if every person you added to your database immediately trusted you and was an ideal candidate for your products right now; but, realistically, that’s not the case.

To reach your production goals, LIMRA tells us you have to have meaningful contact with a person at least 12 times a year to build the relationship and remain top-of-mind when they ARE ready to purchase.

So- #1, we know you have to put your name and knowledge in front of your prospects and clients at least 12 times a year in a non-threatening, non-sales oriented way.

You need marketing content with a PROVEN RESULTS. AND IN ADDITION, you need a series of tactics you can employ to “Get Noticed.”  Unique, unexpected [not expensive] ways to say let your clients know how much you appreciate them, peppered throughout the year.

This is the reason e-Relationship developed a wide array of dynamic email modules to advance your professional reputation and create the Trusted Advisor status you must have to win over skeptical buyers. Content is continually refreshed and updated to cut through the clutter— focusing on relevant topics, evolving buyer needs and proven psychological triggers.  All modules offer unique, inviting visuals, and most open with animation and music. Each is sent by YOU PERSONALLY- not the company whose products you offer. When your prospects and clients respond, you are notified in real-time via text and email  so you can pursue these hot leads immediately. Furthermore, e-Relationship’s state-of-the-art measurement tools and campaign tracking shine a bright light on who is interested in what, increasing your ability to identify the strongest campaigns for you in your market and track your ROI.

Delighting your clients by putting the ball in their buying court, offering fresh, informative COMPLIANCE APPROVED content they have welcomed into their inbox, plus positive personal interaction after the sale — not only generates greater production but grows your business through trusted referrals. In fact, our Advisors average 43% more in commissions than Advisors not using our product. It’s the perfect Relationship “Get Noticed” Marketing strategy – and it works — REALLY!

Learn how to make these proven-successful personal interactions work for you via expert Robert Krumroy CLU, ChFC, CEO & Founder of Identity Branding and e-Relationship.com. Bob is the author of the industry’s leading financial and insurance industry books, and a professional speaker and trainer. Often referred to as “America’s Prospecting Coach,” his impressive financial services, sales and management career has spanned over 30 years. Call 1-800-851-8169 to find out how his latest workshop, Social Capital Matters! can make 2016 your year for exceptional production!

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