Increasing your Business’ Circle of Influence

Business is all about getting more business. Consider incorporating the following three items into your marketing strategy for attracting new prospects:

Make sure they like you.

  • Seek out touch points that aren’t related to business. Send holiday and birthday cards. New office neighbors in your building? Gift them with a “welcome box” of doughnuts … and be sure to include your business card so they know who to thank!
  • Google “weird” holidays – you’ll find a number of unique holidays to share with potential clients or business partners. Consider dropping off pizzas on Pi Day or chocolate bars on National Chocolate Day. The list of ideas is endless! Whatever it is, include your business card so the recipient remembers your fun and unique style.

Make sure they trust you.

  • Your reputation for being top-notch in your field is important. How do you let others know that you are a trustworthy source of information? Look for industry newsletters that can help to bolster your professional reputation. Better yet, write your own blog.
  • Are you asking for referrals? Friends usually trust the recommendation of another friend, which may lead to more business for you. Consider hosting a fun event or a seminar and encourage your current clients to bring a friend. Host a Client Appreciation Day at the minor league ballpark where you might offer a hot dog dinner along with tickets to the game.

Make sure you have a call to action. Potential clients need to know that you would like to do business with them, so be sure to tell them!

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